About DataDirect Marketing Solutions, Inc.

About DataDirect Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Welcome to DataDirect Marketing Solutions. We are a database marketing company that leverages technology and data to provide innovative marketing solutions to companies engaged in online and traditional direct marketing.

Our mission is to empower our clients with information that can be intelligently applied — resulting in their most effective marketing applications.

Our goal is to provide customized, data-driven solutions that support each client's specific marketing needs. Our success is measured by the client's return on their marketing investment.

We help answer the questions that you should be asking about your business.

  • What do my customers look like?
  • How can I find more of them?
  • What is my market penetration?
  • Which prospect lists will be most effective for my marketing?
  • How can I clean up my customer data and use it more effectively?
  • Is email more effective than direct mail?
  • How can I track the success of my direct marketing programs?

Founded in 1998, we provide an integrated set of data solutions to support our clients' specific marketing applications. These solutions include:

Prospect List Research and Brokerage
There are literally thousands of different data sources available for lead generation. Our objective is to research, identify and obtain the best sources for each client's specific target market. Learn more »

Customer File Analytics
Understanding who your customers are is a critical step in designing and executing marketing campaigns, whether for acquisition or retention. Profiling illustrates what your customers look like with respect to key demographic or behavioral attributes. Learn more »

Customer File Data Hygiene and Enhancement
Good marketing begins with good data. List hygiene is critical to direct marketing success and typically includes zip correction, address standardization, and NCOA. Duplicate records can also be identified. These processes can greatly improve the effectiveness of your customer data.
Learn more »

Data Processing
Whether working with your customer data or third-party prospect data, we provide customized processing to support your specific data-driven marketing applications. Most solutions include some degree of merge/purge processing, which identifies and removes duplicate records and suppresses existing customers from prospect mailings. Learn more »